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Dear Friends,

I want you to be the first to know that

I am running in 2022 to be re-elected to the Maryland State Senate! 

As you know, three years ago I vacated the senate seat to run for an office in which I believed I  could serve my constituents in a broader capacity. Although I did not win that seat, my passion  to serve has never waned. I’ve always loved the citizens of our county and the 26th Legislative  District. 

While serving I did all that I could to pass legislation to help seniors, who still need help. The fact is, our seniors receive far less assistance than those in other jurisdictions, which is why I  believe so many are moving out of our county. Although it was an uphill battle, I worked to ease  the tax burden and help keep them in their homes when they retire. I still believe this can be  done.  

On education, I worked to make financial literacy and vocational training mandatory parts of the  curriculum in all schools. We made some progress in these areas, but there’s more to be done. I  also sought the input of residents to make sure new schools would be built in areas compatible  with their neighborhoods. No school should be built in an area when the citizens are opposed. I  was also the first elected leader to hold hearings on the problems of grade-fixing and social  promotion.  

I worked to ensure that you, the taxpayer, were always informed of and involved in making decisions about development that directly impacts you; and I helped secure millions of dollars in  funding for roads, schools and public safety improvements. 

I worked to keep jobs in our county. I was one of only two elected leaders (including current  State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy) who worked with unions to negotiate keeping 900 jobs in our  county when Safeway made the decision to close its warehouse. Since my departure those  jobs have left.  

I also fought for Black and minority businesses to get their fair share of economic opportunities  and awarded contracts. I’m still baffled that Black businesses in our county receive less than  two-percent of contracts and that minorities as a whole still aren’t getting their fair share. 

In addition, as you know, we have a large number of returning citizens who deserve a second  chance. It was my amendment to the Second Chance Act bill that opened the door and allowed  for statewide expungement of records for those who’ve paid their debt to society.  

I fought hard for a better quality of life in District 26. However, as you are undoubtedly aware,  there is more work to be done to ensure that Prince George’s County moves ahead in realizing  its full potential. 

I want to continue to work on planned and inclusive development which ensures the input of  citizens so that we don’t simply continue to build, build and build with no planned infrastructure  for roads, schools, public safety services, and adequate clinics and hospital care to  accommodate that growth in District 26. I want to make sure that businesses that locate here  pay their fair share of taxes to assist with those services and that we don’t make promises that  we know cannot be kept.

On another note, I want our trash picked up twice a week, and I want the grass cut on the roads  and highways owned by the state, which I continued to push to have done when I served as  your senator. Our district deserves all of the services that other parts of our county receive. 

In my years of service, both in and out of elective office, you’ve always been able to count on  me!


Now, I wish to put those years of EXPERIENCE, INTEGRITY and LEADERSHIP to work once again as your senator representing Maryland’s 26th Legislative District.


It will be an honor  to serve you once again. I hope you will join me on this journey.



C. Anthony Muse

Senator C. Anthony Muse
District 26 Constituent Testimonials

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